So today I finally got a chance to replace my eyeliner and I bought the e.l.f eyeliner in black comes with a mini angled brush every cool, very smooth and last very long and it doesn’t smudge super nice and dark





It’s very good and only 3 dollars. At target  very good buy.

Vampire Fall

so now that i am in college i want to try an new look and the look that i am into is the fall look. the whole smoked out violet eyes or neutral eyes with a strong bold vamp look similar to the one in the image below. but i wanted to my own twist on it

and the only things i need to complete the look is a beanie and a red violet, plum lipstick. and then i can get started i am going to use the NYColor palettes that i recently got. so ill do a review on those at the same time.   Image1380618_738033406213107_76831249_n

The Count down Continues: 2 Days left

only 2 days left and I was already notified about a broken elevator in my dorm… nice… not like my room is on the 5th floor. good thing I’m sort of in shape. probably kick my ass since I wasn’t active this summer. ugh…man. thankfully my room isn’t on the 8th floor. but then again they get 2 days to move in. Tuesday and Wednesday. regardless of the elevator issues…why cant more things be portable! this would make everything sooo much easier. my mother really needs to stop adding stuff to my large pile of stuff I have to manage upstairs and partial use of 1 elevator for the building I am rooming in which also happens to house the bulk of the students on campus… -_- geez

The Count down beings: 4 more days

only few more days left, which leaves 1 day for last minute shopping and for filling out prescriptions and last minute packing.  also a couple hours for  , texting ,Skyping , tumblr-ing , instagram-ing , tweeting , and  I.M-ing , my friends to say “ta ta…for now”

why aren’t more thing portable. like seriously where and am I going to put a suite case and all theses bins, and what not. I don’t need bed raiser because I’m short and I doubt the closet will hold them all… anyone have any creative idea on how to use storage bins in a dorm?