Relaxed to Natural

So… my prom night was the last time I permed my hair, and i officially decided to stop perming my hair and go back to being natural.

I first started to perm my hair around my sophomore year of high school.  it was all good. my hair was, at the time, shoulder length and gorgeous.  then it started breaking. and to combat that I decided to put in extensions/ weave, so that my hair would grow out without it being tampered with. and my hair grew fast. and the breakage stopped for a bit. then I had to get it washed, and lets just say my mother happened to it. long story short, it turned into a tangled mess and I had to get it cut out.  so I went short, like.. jaw length short.  which I hated, but then breakage riddled my hair again and I was forced into cutting it shorted to so I rocked the pixie look which my friends loved. I will admit I did like it at first. but I after I while I missed my shoulder length hair I wanted it back. so it was my mission to get it long for prom. but that didn’t  happen so as you can see in my prom pics. I was did the short look.

so now that I am no longer in school for the time being anyway I am trying to grow it out. but I feel it will be hard because I’m going to college which is a new stress with tuition and what not. I at least want to have healthy hair.  I want my hair to be at least shoulder length again. and who knows maybe I will perm it again. I do have a soft spot for the sexy bone straight style. I love hair that is soft sleek and straight. but in order to achieve that goal I need to change.

so this is my first step into transition.

I didn’t cut off the permed part. meaning I didn’t so “the big chop” mainly because I don’t see myself with super short hair. so I’ve decided to grow it out, with the perm and maybe once… depending on how it looks when I have reached my desired natural grow out length I will cut off the permed part.  but other wise I am dealing with two different hair textures at the moment. I think I am ready for this personal challenge.

Challenge Accepted.