Makeup: Lip care edition

So I’ve been into taking care of myself more…well my face anyway. But other than eyes what’s more appealing than luscious lips? My favorite lip balm or chapstick Blistex: DCT (daily conditioning treatment) is a lip protectant and a sunscreen Spf 20
And as always if I have been really naughty and haven’t been giving my lips the time of day I always run for Carmex  and for the ultimate spa day in use the peppermint stick lip scrub which I got as a gift.  I think it’s from philosophy.  It smells like candy taste like it too. But I probably wouldn’t eat it though, taste yes eat no…


Lipsrubs can be a DIY only using 2 ingredients more if you so desire. You can make a scrub using:
Honey.   Olive oil
Sugar.   Lavender oil
Salt.     Coconut oil take to pinterest and find a scrub you love and or make your own. 🙂
Take care of your lips and kiss on…if you’re into that.