College Life, Sims 3, …life

So far college is OK. i have late night class now which i am not happy about especially since its freezing outside the long walk back to my dorm is treacherous. and textbooks are super expensive. but the internet does help.

probably going to sell my books back.

Downton Abbey: I cant wait till Sunday. now that Downton Abbey is back and its its heating up very quickly i might add. with a shocking event already happening in episode 2 and 3 so much drama. Oh the suspense is killing me. what will they do next on Downton abbey. so many things i believe are being challenged.  Racism, Rape, Women Rights, what other issues  will the family challenge in the 1920’s in England.
On the Sims 3 Front haven’t played that in the while but i did find some really cool stuff for the game so when i do play its gonna be awesome.

download here:

download here:×1-dining-tables.html

download here:

download here:

Need shoes for your sims? this is great site for shoes:

Gladiator Sandals
Available for Female YA/A and Teens
Package & Sim3pack included.


Download (adFly)

mesh done by me - give credit where credit’s due

- Pants

download here:

is your sim the chef of the family:

download here:–part-2/id/1228776/


need simpiration:


see here:






Here at my college in about 4 days we swing into Midterms week. which for me came surprisingly quick. this semester came and is on it’s way out fast. like its blowing my mind right now. so anyway i had a weekend planned until my professor shot it to hell when he told the class what we should review.  and it’s a crap load i cant remember half of the stuff we talked about. i wish i took notes, in that particular class. you live and you learn right? now i either have to print a lot of paper (i don’t really wanna pay for ink) or magically develop a photographic memory. AWESOME. i hope we can bring out laptops that would be better save trees you know.  well i am off to study study study and finish a project.

Family Day

so today is family day here on campus, a day where students family and friends come to visit and the college shows that their kids are still alive and well. they pretty up the place a lot for events such as theses. for example there was a statue of a knight int he middle of campus that disappeared a bout a week after i moved in. and it reappeared this morning. i thought i was crazy. Anyway my parents are coming on sunday i think i might take a walk off campus otherwise. not sure what to do with myself today. i know i have homework to do today but i cant bring myself to do it . probably going to do it later. Also i just realized there aren’t any mailboxes here. i actually have to go to the mail room to send stuff… i know who uses the mail system anymore right with email instant messaging and what not. but I DO.. i enjoy getting mail….i just hate waiting for it. especially if the person you wrote mail to takes forever to responds. e.e ugh.

The countdown Continues

… is the last day.. last day I will be home in my own bed where I know who’s been on it. it was nice having my own room for like 4 months. not really looking forward to sharing a room again… but we shall see. already said some of my goodbyes. I wont lie and say I am not sad but I am more annoyed some people say bye like I am going to never come back (eventually I wont ) but it’s not like I am dying or something, damn! regardless just gotta get my outfit together pack everything in the car and clean my room and I should be all set. hopefully I don’t forget anything because that would be a nightmare. as the day whines down to hours then minutes to seconds. I think of all the advice people give to me: study, have fun, don’t have fun I am paying for you to study, don’t have sex, study, study, don’t make me come get you, make some friends, study, study, don’t be a loner.
and am just giving you the sweet to the point watered down version, I was given at least 5 lectures about college this week alone and last week. … I mean I still feel like I am the one going to the slaughter house I am the first of my average friends to go. ( I had one friend to actually go first… she skipped a grade… nerd!) but I am the first I feel I am the experiment. but ill show them… ill show them all… I be …AWESOME! victory shall be mine!. hopefully my roommate isn’t crazy and the elevator works again.