College Life, Sims 3, …life

So far college is OK. i have late night class now which i am not happy about especially since its freezing outside the long walk back to my dorm is treacherous. and textbooks are super expensive. but the internet does help.

probably going to sell my books back.

Downton Abbey: I cant wait till Sunday. now that Downton Abbey is back and its its heating up very quickly i might add. with a shocking event already happening in episode 2 and 3 so much drama. Oh the suspense is killing me. what will they do next on Downton abbey. so many things i believe are being challenged.  Racism, Rape, Women Rights, what other issues  will the family challenge in the 1920’s in England.
On the Sims 3 Front haven’t played that in the while but i did find some really cool stuff for the game so when i do play its gonna be awesome.

download here:

download here:×1-dining-tables.html

download here:

download here:

Need shoes for your sims? this is great site for shoes:

Gladiator Sandals
Available for Female YA/A and Teens
Package & Sim3pack included.


Download (adFly)

mesh done by me - give credit where credit’s due

- Pants

download here:

is your sim the chef of the family:

download here:–part-2/id/1228776/


need simpiration:


see here:






so every since  I’ve been using the St.Ives face scrubby thingy, my face ( usually oily) is Matte no more shine… well a little on my nose. but Yeah! no more shine. also my pores seems to be getting smaller. probably just need a good scrub. and the spots on my face are fading certain ones anyway… >_> but i have to say i am more comfortable doing more full faced foundation makeup looks.  but that’s pretty much it. in school i am currently waiting to register for classes for next semester.  freshmen go last… which kinda sucks because i have been ready for quite some time now….on a more exciting note my FAVORITE TV show has been picked up for another season it only January would come along so i could watch season four! Downton Abbey

Week on of college onto the next

So i have officially survived the first week of college and i already don’t like of my professors who also happens to be my academic adviser ( really) but yeah so onto to week to already failed epically at the first assignment now i have to redo it and i don’t even have a ruler. which i desperately need. COME ON!  and i missed on assignment but i was able to make up. also i am not sure who to take notes in two of my class since you have to read and take notes or do i read and take notes in class? because i feel like i am writing the same thing over and over again. And I’ve made a few “friends” but none i would considered to be like take home to your parents and be like hey mom this is my friend so and so …don’t think we’re that close. don’t even get my started on my roommate i don’t even talk to them, like they’re invisible.. just the occasional hi and that  is it.. whats up with that right? i donno.

The Count down Continues: 2 Days left

only 2 days left and I was already notified about a broken elevator in my dorm… nice… not like my room is on the 5th floor. good thing I’m sort of in shape. probably kick my ass since I wasn’t active this summer. ugh…man. thankfully my room isn’t on the 8th floor. but then again they get 2 days to move in. Tuesday and Wednesday. regardless of the elevator issues…why cant more things be portable! this would make everything sooo much easier. my mother really needs to stop adding stuff to my large pile of stuff I have to manage upstairs and partial use of 1 elevator for the building I am rooming in which also happens to house the bulk of the students on campus… -_- geez

The Count down beings: 4 more days

only few more days left, which leaves 1 day for last minute shopping and for filling out prescriptions and last minute packing.  also a couple hours for  , texting ,Skyping , tumblr-ing , instagram-ing , tweeting , and  I.M-ing , my friends to say “ta ta…for now”

why aren’t more thing portable. like seriously where and am I going to put a suite case and all theses bins, and what not. I don’t need bed raiser because I’m short and I doubt the closet will hold them all… anyone have any creative idea on how to use storage bins in a dorm?