Mini Gagets for college

Well… since I am going to college soon…like in 3 weeks.. ( =( ) I buying things I need…or really really want,mostly need though.  and so far I’ve got just about everything covered. i need a few clothes but other than I’m good. and just recently i bought a hair dryer, heat protecting serum, and a flat iron.

I just went to Walmart to pick up this beauty. It does come in other colors, or patterns really.  (Zebra and leopard)2013-07-18_21.19.09       2013-07-18_21.19.53

the MIA mini straightening iron professional series  is originally $30 on the sellers website

Link here:

but at Walmart the online price is about $9.00 add in shipping and handling from Site to Store… is $10

1/3 the price, just about.  and it comes with a cool it pouch. Zebra print…nice.

this 1/2 inch flat iron is pretty.   does it work?

well a large majority (more than 1/2) of the reviews say yes.  but I’ll just have to wait and see..

specs: ( on the back of the box)

its 6 inches long in length

1/2 inch Tourmaline ceramic plates <— that supposed to heat evenly

heats up in 30 seconds

on and off switch found on the inside of the top plate.

on light indicator

world wide dual voltage

cool it pouch included.

heats up to 400 degrees.

I would probably give a further review when I actually use it. but as of right now. the iron is fairly light weight. compact. I can tell it would be great for short hair such as mine. and for reaching the back in tight areas. I love the color. black and red.  sexy.


Olive Oil: ORS heat protection serum

i got this at National Liquidator for about $6.00


it’s really a clear liquid … but the flash kinda messed it up.. but.. close enough.

Revlon Hair dryer for about $10.00 at the same place.