already kicking into fall gear with there fashion collection: The Irresistible

and they’re giving you 50% off on items already on sale.

NOTICE:  there has been a product recall on children’s water bottle sold by H&M:


Water bottle for children
Identification number: 742920
Color: Pink, Blue

Children’s Water Bottle Recall; Choking Hazard Posed. The pull-up drinking spout of the bottle can break into a small part, which may lead to a risk of choking.

If you have purchased these water bottles immediately stop using the product. Customers are also kindly asked to call the H&M Customer Service Center toll free (855) 466-7467 seven days a week 7:00 am to midnight for a refund and to arrange for a Customer Service agent to send you a postage paid envelope for you to mail back the water bottle and receive an H&M $25 Gift Card.

For more information, please click on this link:

If you have any questions, please contact customer service toll free (855) 466-7467


Forever 21 is having a sale. so is e.l.f

and you can view there sites for more details but as an overview here. the one i am most excited about is forever 21

they have markdowns on 1000+ items

they have 500 items under 5$

and… FLASH deals

and a summer sale plus a new collection.  i didn’t even know that they sold mens ties… then again i don’t go in the mens section i don’t usually see guys there anyway unless they work there…whats the point…


is giving you 50% of studio products with code found on their website.

and if you have a Facebook you can enter for a chance to win prizes.  =T


they’re also introducing there new  LIMITED EDITION Geometric makeup which looks pretty sweet. which is already reasonably price has been marked down.




so my first sale post on the new and improved blog. i hope to be doing much more and have more things to blog about… but until then, back to the SALES. but before i start i want you to now that i do NOT promote or am a sponsor of any of the store below.. i simply like shopping there. i mainly post there here so that people who are looking for a sale are notified about it, i mean you could always sign up for notifications but that just gets annoying sometimes. so this is a less annoying way to notify you can entertain you .. i guess.


is having a sale on clothing and accessories and much more. up to 75% off the original price… meaning .. 99cent nail polish on certain colors or new lower prices on clothing. but be warned on their return policy all ON Sale Makeup sales are Final. and i would make sure the pants you buy fit.


is having a sale on body  piercings.. if your into that… if not, not to worry they have an all exclusive and new fashion collection by Tripp, NYC: The mortal City of Bones inspired by a movie.

Drug Stores


is having a sale on “favorite ” summer brands L’Oreal is on sale as BOGO  ( buy 1 get one 50% off) as well as other products are marked down.


they have a new Beauty club.  clearance items are marked down as 40% off,  don’t have to much to say because i don’t really shop there too often.

Rite Aid:

they have a sale on  Physician formula Cosmetics 40% off


I don’t know about you but ever since JOE fresh moved into to jcp I find that store more interesting. though.. they don’t carry Joe fresh’s entire line… like their makeup. but i enjoy going to  JCP’s  clearance, :though depending on what JCP you go to it can be a hit or miss but the treasure you find the clearance… WOW. but anyway back to the sale.  They are having a summer sale on select items and 30-70% certain clearance items.

    Joe Fresh: also introduce their all new kids section


a store i hate, but only because the closet one to me and probably the only one near me is always so freaking crowded.. long lines, waiting online.. people wadding in the aisles with mutiple shopping carts… it’s a place i tend to avoid at all costs unless it is absolutely necessary.  but they are having a sale on items for college. which is something i am interesting in since i have to go there in about a month. plus i just ordered a really cute flat iron  from there for about $10.40 cents had to ship it to store.

E.L.F cosmetics:

there also having a type of sale on there website. where they’re giving away select items away for FREE… when you purchase a certain amount of items, also 50% off on everything on there website but hurry you have under and hour left to get that deal.  but if you want free shipping they have a code you can use for free shipping.

New product to look out for: ( if you haven’t seen them yet)

City Color Cosmetics.

i haven’t tried it yet but i spotted this line in a store which i cant remember the name of at the moment. but i was fairly inexpensive and seemed pretty cool but i feel since its “new” it  needs to separate it self from the other lower end makeup products such as NYC color or LA color or Wet’n’wild.

some youtubers  have  already tried and they seem to love it. if you have tried it …what do you think

Link :

and way there are the stores that are having a sale that I’ve looked at. mainly ones i can afford to shop at =)  don’t  judge. but yes there are lots more I just haven’t gotten around to looking at them lately but there will be more posts.