College Life, Sims 3, …life

So far college is OK. i have late night class now which i am not happy about especially since its freezing outside the long walk back to my dorm is treacherous. and textbooks are super expensive. but the internet does help.

probably going to sell my books back.

Downton Abbey: I cant wait till Sunday. now that Downton Abbey is back and its its heating up very quickly i might add. with a shocking event already happening in episode 2 and 3 so much drama. Oh the suspense is killing me. what will they do next on Downton abbey. so many things i believe are being challenged.  Racism, Rape, Women Rights, what other issues  will the family challenge in the 1920’s in England.
On the Sims 3 Front haven’t played that in the while but i did find some really cool stuff for the game so when i do play its gonna be awesome.

download here:

download here:×1-dining-tables.html

download here:

download here:

Need shoes for your sims? this is great site for shoes:

Gladiator Sandals
Available for Female YA/A and Teens
Package & Sim3pack included.


Download (adFly)

mesh done by me - give credit where credit’s due

- Pants

download here:

is your sim the chef of the family:

download here:–part-2/id/1228776/


need simpiration:


see here:





Wow, time flies

its been a long time. its now December and it’s almost finals week here on campus. Today.. there is a festive social for the design majors. i think there will be drinks.. i hope they have no alcoholic ones. not about that life. >.< my cousin and some friends would be proud of me that i am leaving my dorm and the fact that i have to be formal-ish.

so i did finally try the fall trend makeup. products i used were:
NYC cheek glow: west side wine
Kate moss Rimmel London
cover girl 3 in 1 in twany
forever 21 black gel eyeliner
NYC colors individual eyes: brown eyes
it came out pretty good but i think the lipstick was a bit drying had to reapply it every now and again


so every since  I’ve been using the St.Ives face scrubby thingy, my face ( usually oily) is Matte no more shine… well a little on my nose. but Yeah! no more shine. also my pores seems to be getting smaller. probably just need a good scrub. and the spots on my face are fading certain ones anyway… >_> but i have to say i am more comfortable doing more full faced foundation makeup looks.  but that’s pretty much it. in school i am currently waiting to register for classes for next semester.  freshmen go last… which kinda sucks because i have been ready for quite some time now….on a more exciting note my FAVORITE TV show has been picked up for another season it only January would come along so i could watch season four! Downton Abbey

Midterms over

Midterms week recently came to an end here at my school. i guess you can say here… were are over the “hump” and the rest of this semester should be smooth sailing… until Finals that is. anyway .. i PASSED so ima good just 7 more semesters to go.. anyway i visited my high school today. it changed… a lot.. but im small ways that make a huge difference and my principle.. still a pain in the ass not even sure if i want to visit again. but what ever


Here at my college in about 4 days we swing into Midterms week. which for me came surprisingly quick. this semester came and is on it’s way out fast. like its blowing my mind right now. so anyway i had a weekend planned until my professor shot it to hell when he told the class what we should review.  and it’s a crap load i cant remember half of the stuff we talked about. i wish i took notes, in that particular class. you live and you learn right? now i either have to print a lot of paper (i don’t really wanna pay for ink) or magically develop a photographic memory. AWESOME. i hope we can bring out laptops that would be better save trees you know.  well i am off to study study study and finish a project.

Vampire Fall

so now that i am in college i want to try an new look and the look that i am into is the fall look. the whole smoked out violet eyes or neutral eyes with a strong bold vamp look similar to the one in the image below. but i wanted to my own twist on it

and the only things i need to complete the look is a beanie and a red violet, plum lipstick. and then i can get started i am going to use the NYColor palettes that i recently got. so ill do a review on those at the same time.   Image1380618_738033406213107_76831249_n

Family Day

so today is family day here on campus, a day where students family and friends come to visit and the college shows that their kids are still alive and well. they pretty up the place a lot for events such as theses. for example there was a statue of a knight int he middle of campus that disappeared a bout a week after i moved in. and it reappeared this morning. i thought i was crazy. Anyway my parents are coming on sunday i think i might take a walk off campus otherwise. not sure what to do with myself today. i know i have homework to do today but i cant bring myself to do it . probably going to do it later. Also i just realized there aren’t any mailboxes here. i actually have to go to the mail room to send stuff… i know who uses the mail system anymore right with email instant messaging and what not. but I DO.. i enjoy getting mail….i just hate waiting for it. especially if the person you wrote mail to takes forever to responds. e.e ugh.