Transiting & Reviews

So, recently my mother bought me some of doctor miracles  hair products.  2 hair moisturizers and 2 packets of deep conditioner.

she got me:

Dr.Miracles Follicle healer. and Dr. Miracle’s Anti-Breakage strengthening creme

I’ve tried it both. and it’s only been a day.  and my hair feels very nice, and probably healthy . they both have a stimulating factor and after you message it in you feel like a cool tingling sensation.which is pretty cool.


Now for my review on the Flat iron i recently purchased

the Mia mini professional flat iron (1/2 inch)  which I tried on my sisters hair. my sister hair shoulder length hair very full even with a perm in it.

the flat iron did a really good job. it heated up really quickly. and stayed hot and didn’t seem to waver. it did the job very well. i mean it took along time since it was a half inch.  if they made a bigger size that would be cool.i still have to try it on myself.  but that will come later.

but all and all  the flat iron is really really good.




already kicking into fall gear with there fashion collection: The Irresistible

and they’re giving you 50% off on items already on sale.

NOTICE:  there has been a product recall on children’s water bottle sold by H&M:


Water bottle for children
Identification number: 742920
Color: Pink, Blue

Children’s Water Bottle Recall; Choking Hazard Posed. The pull-up drinking spout of the bottle can break into a small part, which may lead to a risk of choking.

If you have purchased these water bottles immediately stop using the product. Customers are also kindly asked to call the H&M Customer Service Center toll free (855) 466-7467 seven days a week 7:00 am to midnight for a refund and to arrange for a Customer Service agent to send you a postage paid envelope for you to mail back the water bottle and receive an H&M $25 Gift Card.

For more information, please click on this link:

If you have any questions, please contact customer service toll free (855) 466-7467


Forever 21 is having a sale. so is e.l.f

and you can view there sites for more details but as an overview here. the one i am most excited about is forever 21

they have markdowns on 1000+ items

they have 500 items under 5$

and… FLASH deals

and a summer sale plus a new collection.  i didn’t even know that they sold mens ties… then again i don’t go in the mens section i don’t usually see guys there anyway unless they work there…whats the point…


is giving you 50% of studio products with code found on their website.

and if you have a Facebook you can enter for a chance to win prizes.  =T


they’re also introducing there new  LIMITED EDITION Geometric makeup which looks pretty sweet. which is already reasonably price has been marked down.



Mini Gagets for college

Well… since I am going to college soon…like in 3 weeks.. ( =( ) I buying things I need…or really really want,mostly need though.  and so far I’ve got just about everything covered. i need a few clothes but other than I’m good. and just recently i bought a hair dryer, heat protecting serum, and a flat iron.

I just went to Walmart to pick up this beauty. It does come in other colors, or patterns really.  (Zebra and leopard)2013-07-18_21.19.09       2013-07-18_21.19.53

the MIA mini straightening iron professional series  is originally $30 on the sellers website

Link here:

but at Walmart the online price is about $9.00 add in shipping and handling from Site to Store… is $10

1/3 the price, just about.  and it comes with a cool it pouch. Zebra print…nice.

this 1/2 inch flat iron is pretty.   does it work?

well a large majority (more than 1/2) of the reviews say yes.  but I’ll just have to wait and see..

specs: ( on the back of the box)

its 6 inches long in length

1/2 inch Tourmaline ceramic plates <— that supposed to heat evenly

heats up in 30 seconds

on and off switch found on the inside of the top plate.

on light indicator

world wide dual voltage

cool it pouch included.

heats up to 400 degrees.

I would probably give a further review when I actually use it. but as of right now. the iron is fairly light weight. compact. I can tell it would be great for short hair such as mine. and for reaching the back in tight areas. I love the color. black and red.  sexy.


Olive Oil: ORS heat protection serum

i got this at National Liquidator for about $6.00


it’s really a clear liquid … but the flash kinda messed it up.. but.. close enough.

Revlon Hair dryer for about $10.00 at the same place.


Relaxed to Natural

So… my prom night was the last time I permed my hair, and i officially decided to stop perming my hair and go back to being natural.

I first started to perm my hair around my sophomore year of high school.  it was all good. my hair was, at the time, shoulder length and gorgeous.  then it started breaking. and to combat that I decided to put in extensions/ weave, so that my hair would grow out without it being tampered with. and my hair grew fast. and the breakage stopped for a bit. then I had to get it washed, and lets just say my mother happened to it. long story short, it turned into a tangled mess and I had to get it cut out.  so I went short, like.. jaw length short.  which I hated, but then breakage riddled my hair again and I was forced into cutting it shorted to so I rocked the pixie look which my friends loved. I will admit I did like it at first. but I after I while I missed my shoulder length hair I wanted it back. so it was my mission to get it long for prom. but that didn’t  happen so as you can see in my prom pics. I was did the short look.

so now that I am no longer in school for the time being anyway I am trying to grow it out. but I feel it will be hard because I’m going to college which is a new stress with tuition and what not. I at least want to have healthy hair.  I want my hair to be at least shoulder length again. and who knows maybe I will perm it again. I do have a soft spot for the sexy bone straight style. I love hair that is soft sleek and straight. but in order to achieve that goal I need to change.

so this is my first step into transition.

I didn’t cut off the permed part. meaning I didn’t so “the big chop” mainly because I don’t see myself with super short hair. so I’ve decided to grow it out, with the perm and maybe once… depending on how it looks when I have reached my desired natural grow out length I will cut off the permed part.  but other wise I am dealing with two different hair textures at the moment. I think I am ready for this personal challenge.

Challenge Accepted.