This blog is a merge of my two blogs Innerthoughts of sims and Adventures apart: in the new blog i hope that i can accomplish many things, make friends, express my true thoughts and explore and maybe pick up a new hobby,

This Blog is a mix of things mainly for me to see my thoughts and to see if anyone has similar thoughts. i’m really just doing this as a test to see if i can find a new hobbies.

now the real about me:

i enjoys cooking, drawing, making Sims 3 world and D.I.Y projects, though i wish i was more creative. i feel like i’m at a block and i cant figure out what i want to do. i know i want to do art but what kind of art? i like illustrating things… but does that mean i should be an illustrator? a conceptual artist? or find something where i can still be creative but maybe at a desk. on a computer.. in a cubicle? as of right now. i’m at a lost, hopefully college will clear this confusion all up… hopefully






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