Aww don’t blush

I finally got my hands on the much hyped about drug store blushes. The limited edition Milani rose power blush. Sadly, I only found one which was the last one at my nearest Walgreens (sorry). Anyway I got the color “Tea Rose” 08 it’s almost like a hot pink with some red notes in it.
  Its fiercely pigmented and intense. A little goes a long way. Too much and it looks like you got slapped in the face. It is also matte so thats a big bonus. I honestly wish I got the other 3 colors, because the set is very skin tone friendly meaning it works on everyone.
  The packaging is very nice almost to nice. They embedded or sculpture of the rose in the blush is a bit much. Makes me not want to use it. Its too pretty  and it’s limited edition! I wish they simply drew a rose pattern in gold in the lid. But that’s just my opinion.




Other wise I love this product just wish it wasn’t limited edition. Hopefully someone finds a dupe for this, that’s also a drug store product
Price: $7.99 (?)


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