Midterms over

Midterms week recently came to an end here at my school. i guess you can say here… were are over the “hump” and the rest of this semester should be smooth sailing… until Finals that is. anyway .. i PASSED so ima good just 7 more semesters to go.. anyway i visited my high school today. it changed… a lot.. but im small ways that make a huge difference and my principle.. still a pain in the ass not even sure if i want to visit again. but what ever



Here at my college in about 4 days we swing into Midterms week. which for me came surprisingly quick. this semester came and is on it’s way out fast. like its blowing my mind right now. so anyway i had a weekend planned until my professor shot it to hell when he told the class what we should review.  and it’s a crap load i cant remember half of the stuff we talked about. i wish i took notes, in that particular class. you live and you learn right? now i either have to print a lot of paper (i don’t really wanna pay for ink) or magically develop a photographic memory. AWESOME. i hope we can bring out laptops that would be better save trees you know.  well i am off to study study study and finish a project.

Under eye circles?

i have  semi dark eye circles. mines don’t make complete circles around my eyes. so i recently started to conceal and i’ve notice that i look awake like “Hello world” away.  there are ways to potienally rid your self of under eye circles and way to cover them up if they are hereditary.
here i found a proper way to  conceal those annoying circles.

tbd-dark-circle-knockoutLink: http://thebeautydepartment.com/2013/09/under-eye-correction/#more-11755

you generally want to use a concealer that is 1 shade lighter than  your skin and have notes of colors that will cancel out the dark circles.
(ie: if your circles are red go for a green concealer, if your circles are purplish, get an orange or yellow notes in your concealer)
when you apply concealer you want to apply in and inverted(upside down)  triangle also know as the Hollywood triangle.  this way it will cancel out the  dark circle  and highlight as well, after you blend blend blend apply foundation and set with powder. and poof! what dark circles? Concealing not enough? here is Elle’s  Dark circle  article that goes over things you can do to ride yourself of dark circles.

Vampire Fall

so now that i am in college i want to try an new look and the look that i am into is the fall look. the whole smoked out violet eyes or neutral eyes with a strong bold vamp look similar to the one in the image below. but i wanted to my own twist on it

and the only things i need to complete the look is a beanie and a red violet, plum lipstick. and then i can get started i am going to use the NYColor palettes that i recently got. so ill do a review on those at the same time.   Image1380618_738033406213107_76831249_n