Family Day

so today is family day here on campus, a day where students family and friends come to visit and the college shows that their kids are still alive and well. they pretty up the place a lot for events such as theses. for example there was a statue of a knight int he middle of campus that disappeared a bout a week after i moved in. and it reappeared this morning. i thought i was crazy. Anyway my parents are coming on sunday i think i might take a walk off campus otherwise. not sure what to do with myself today. i know i have homework to do today but i cant bring myself to do it . probably going to do it later. Also i just realized there aren’t any mailboxes here. i actually have to go to the mail room to send stuff… i know who uses the mail system anymore right with email instant messaging and what not. but I DO.. i enjoy getting mail….i just hate waiting for it. especially if the person you wrote mail to takes forever to responds. e.e ugh.


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