Mascara and Liner NYC: New York Color

So in this review i will be trying the NYC Skyrise mascara,  Big bold curl mascara and  NYC high Definition liquid eyeliner

2013-09-20_21.36.07     2013-09-20_21.04.32        2013-09-20_20.58.11

the big bold lashes has a huge  brush, its the one at the top in the second picture.  personally i don’t like big brushes mainly because my eyes are small.  anyway with my eyes i want natural long looking lashes  that hold my lashes in place, after i curl then.

Sky Rise Mascara ($1.99) I love this mascara, the brush gets all my lashes and makes them super long.  i would buy this again
it defiantly tops my favorite one  which is the  L.A colors Mascara in Black.

pro: it makes lashes really long

con: N/A

The Big Bold Curl mascara: ($4.99) not my favorite  mascara, but it does get the job done, makes my lashes full but i just don’t like how much the mascara piles onto the brush causing it to clump on my lashes i feel that that bottle should be able to peel off excess mascara so i don’t waste product.  similar to the new voluminous lashes container by Revlon

Pro: dramatic lashes, holds the curl,

Con: clumping

NYC High definition Liner : ($3.99) i am in love with the liquid liner.  it does on dark and heavy, its easy to clean up if you have a mistake but you really need to make sure you get everything.  so far I’ve been using this everyday since I’ve got it.  and love it. the downside is that the tip gets dry and I’ve never left the cap open the sides has the “ink”  so i have to slant thee liner on a side but it’s cool I still get the darkness i want.  I’ve tried it both with primer, without primer and I’ve  tried it on top of makeup  and it does well. just wish the tip wasn’t dry also, i should probably be going easy on the liner anyway.

Pro: Dark, long lasting  easy to fix

con: the felt tip dries


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