Week 3 ishy? idk lost count

so i think i am on week 3.. just about a month and i already lost count hate one of my teach..i mean professors, broke out from stress and aced on my test. with more on the way. AWESOME. college life right? not sure.. maybe? its 2 am in the morning and i am writing this and i cant sleep thank gosh my “week” ends Thursday. but i still have to do a project(s), homework, laundry and wash my hair. man i need to stay on top of things and stay organized. Thanks Heavens for pintrest right? ideas ill think are cool and wanna try but never seem to get too.
anyway my day was alright. went to a activity fair today to see what clubs were on campus. signed up for one.. left class early for ..almost nothing…couldn’t find the person i was looking for until a Hall mate introduce me to him. HE was gorgeous.  and i spoke actual words to him. ACTUAL WORDS. ( He is the current president of the fencing club) and i want to join that club. and no not because of him because i love to fence even if i suck at it. it is fun.  anyway other than that life went on and i ended up in my  dorm alone in the dark doing nothing. hopefully things pick up and force me out of this shell of shyness.


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