Makeup: Cheeks

Onto the cheeks,

blush comes in different forms again you have your powders, liquid ,and creme


blushes also comes in different finishes such as matte, sheer and shimmer, just like eyeshadow. they help sculpt and brighten/ bring your face to live.  cheeks can be colored up to  give your face a fresh face or  and sultry look. anyway,  when you want to add color to your cheeks there is a right way to do it. you DO NOT want too look like a clown. so here’s how to do it. there’s always  been the saying apply blush or blusher to the apples of your cheeks but if your are more mature you might want to apply them to your cheek bones. why? because your apples tend to drop as you mature (yeah sucks) so if you apply the blusher on your cheeks and you are mature when you aren’t smiling you are  the blush would drop on your face but if you apply it on your cheek bones it looks natural.

here gossmakeupartist explains it in his video.

so weather or not you apply blush from the apple of your cheek or the cheekbone you want to drag the color back to the temple you dont want to have all the color concentrated in on area so want the blush to look as natural as possible.

if your blush has sparkles in it, you want to go easy on the blush because you don’t want a face full of glitter, unless less ..that’s how you like it?

i mean it  wont look right if you have a face full of sparkles and highlight



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