Week on of college onto the next

So i have officially survived the first week of college and i already don’t like of my professors who also happens to be my academic adviser ( really) but yeah so onto to week to already failed epically at the first assignment now i have to redo it and i don’t even have a ruler. which i desperately need. COME ON!  and i missed on assignment but i was able to make up. also i am not sure who to take notes in two of my class since you have to read and take notes or do i read and take notes in class? because i feel like i am writing the same thing over and over again. And I’ve made a few “friends” but none i would considered to be like take home to your parents and be like hey mom this is my friend so and so …don’t think we’re that close. don’t even get my started on my roommate i don’t even talk to them, like they’re invisible.. just the occasional hi and that  is it.. whats up with that right? i donno.


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