Family Day

so today is family day here on campus, a day where students family and friends come to visit and the college shows that their kids are still alive and well. they pretty up the place a lot for events such as theses. for example there was a statue of a knight int he middle of campus that disappeared a bout a week after i moved in. and it reappeared this morning. i thought i was crazy. Anyway my parents are coming on sunday i think i might take a walk off campus otherwise. not sure what to do with myself today. i know i have homework to do today but i cant bring myself to do it . probably going to do it later. Also i just realized there aren’t any mailboxes here. i actually have to go to the mail room to send stuff… i know who uses the mail system anymore right with email instant messaging and what not. but I DO.. i enjoy getting mail….i just hate waiting for it. especially if the person you wrote mail to takes forever to responds. e.e ugh.


Mascara and Liner NYC: New York Color

So in this review i will be trying the NYC Skyrise mascara,  Big bold curl mascara and  NYC high Definition liquid eyeliner

2013-09-20_21.36.07     2013-09-20_21.04.32        2013-09-20_20.58.11

the big bold lashes has a huge  brush, its the one at the top in the second picture.  personally i don’t like big brushes mainly because my eyes are small.  anyway with my eyes i want natural long looking lashes  that hold my lashes in place, after i curl then.

Sky Rise Mascara ($1.99) I love this mascara, the brush gets all my lashes and makes them super long.  i would buy this again
it defiantly tops my favorite one  which is the  L.A colors Mascara in Black.

pro: it makes lashes really long

con: N/A

The Big Bold Curl mascara: ($4.99) not my favorite  mascara, but it does get the job done, makes my lashes full but i just don’t like how much the mascara piles onto the brush causing it to clump on my lashes i feel that that bottle should be able to peel off excess mascara so i don’t waste product.  similar to the new voluminous lashes container by Revlon

Pro: dramatic lashes, holds the curl,

Con: clumping

NYC High definition Liner : ($3.99) i am in love with the liquid liner.  it does on dark and heavy, its easy to clean up if you have a mistake but you really need to make sure you get everything.  so far I’ve been using this everyday since I’ve got it.  and love it. the downside is that the tip gets dry and I’ve never left the cap open the sides has the “ink”  so i have to slant thee liner on a side but it’s cool I still get the darkness i want.  I’ve tried it both with primer, without primer and I’ve  tried it on top of makeup  and it does well. just wish the tip wasn’t dry also, i should probably be going easy on the liner anyway.

Pro: Dark, long lasting  easy to fix

con: the felt tip dries

Fashion week..

so fashion week is over in New york since yesterday, and no i didn’t go.. i wish i could. but anyway, after surfing the web and what not certain colors seems to keep popping up and i’m not sure weather its for spring/summer 2014 or fall/winter 2013 the colors i see are: navy, black, white, burgundies or oxblood.
that what i am seeing a a lot of for clothing matter.
some feel a bit 60’s ishy
you can check for yourself here:
or here:

thank god for recaps so many videos… XD but oh my gosh look at her cape 😀
(3:19 mins in)

anyway comment about your thoughts on fashion week.

Week 3 ishy? idk lost count

so i think i am on week 3.. just about a month and i already lost count hate one of my teach..i mean professors, broke out from stress and aced on my test. with more on the way. AWESOME. college life right? not sure.. maybe? its 2 am in the morning and i am writing this and i cant sleep thank gosh my “week” ends Thursday. but i still have to do a project(s), homework, laundry and wash my hair. man i need to stay on top of things and stay organized. Thanks Heavens for pintrest right? ideas ill think are cool and wanna try but never seem to get too.
anyway my day was alright. went to a activity fair today to see what clubs were on campus. signed up for one.. left class early for ..almost nothing…couldn’t find the person i was looking for until a Hall mate introduce me to him. HE was gorgeous.  and i spoke actual words to him. ACTUAL WORDS. ( He is the current president of the fencing club) and i want to join that club. and no not because of him because i love to fence even if i suck at it. it is fun.  anyway other than that life went on and i ended up in my  dorm alone in the dark doing nothing. hopefully things pick up and force me out of this shell of shyness.

Makeup: Cheeks

Onto the cheeks,

blush comes in different forms again you have your powders, liquid ,and creme


blushes also comes in different finishes such as matte, sheer and shimmer, just like eyeshadow. they help sculpt and brighten/ bring your face to live.  cheeks can be colored up to  give your face a fresh face or  and sultry look. anyway,  when you want to add color to your cheeks there is a right way to do it. you DO NOT want too look like a clown. so here’s how to do it. there’s always  been the saying apply blush or blusher to the apples of your cheeks but if your are more mature you might want to apply them to your cheek bones. why? because your apples tend to drop as you mature (yeah sucks) so if you apply the blusher on your cheeks and you are mature when you aren’t smiling you are  the blush would drop on your face but if you apply it on your cheek bones it looks natural.

here gossmakeupartist explains it in his video.

so weather or not you apply blush from the apple of your cheek or the cheekbone you want to drag the color back to the temple you dont want to have all the color concentrated in on area so want the blush to look as natural as possible.

if your blush has sparkles in it, you want to go easy on the blush because you don’t want a face full of glitter, unless less ..that’s how you like it?

i mean it  wont look right if you have a face full of sparkles and highlight


Week on of college onto the next

So i have officially survived the first week of college and i already don’t like of my professors who also happens to be my academic adviser ( really) but yeah so onto to week to already failed epically at the first assignment now i have to redo it and i don’t even have a ruler. which i desperately need. COME ON!  and i missed on assignment but i was able to make up. also i am not sure who to take notes in two of my class since you have to read and take notes or do i read and take notes in class? because i feel like i am writing the same thing over and over again. And I’ve made a few “friends” but none i would considered to be like take home to your parents and be like hey mom this is my friend so and so …don’t think we’re that close. don’t even get my started on my roommate i don’t even talk to them, like they’re invisible.. just the occasional hi and that  is it.. whats up with that right? i donno.