The countdown Continues

… is the last day.. last day I will be home in my own bed where I know who’s been on it. it was nice having my own room for like 4 months. not really looking forward to sharing a room again… but we shall see. already said some of my goodbyes. I wont lie and say I am not sad but I am more annoyed some people say bye like I am going to never come back (eventually I wont ) but it’s not like I am dying or something, damn! regardless just gotta get my outfit together pack everything in the car and clean my room and I should be all set. hopefully I don’t forget anything because that would be a nightmare. as the day whines down to hours then minutes to seconds. I think of all the advice people give to me: study, have fun, don’t have fun I am paying for you to study, don’t have sex, study, study, don’t make me come get you, make some friends, study, study, don’t be a loner.
and am just giving you the sweet to the point watered down version, I was given at least 5 lectures about college this week alone and last week. … I mean I still feel like I am the one going to the slaughter house I am the first of my average friends to go. ( I had one friend to actually go first… she skipped a grade… nerd!) but I am the first I feel I am the experiment. but ill show them… ill show them all… I be …AWESOME! victory shall be mine!. hopefully my roommate isn’t crazy and the elevator works again.


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