Makeup: All about the Eyes

so now onto makeup for the eyes

eye makeup can be pretty simple, sweet and to the point or dramatic classy and mysterious it’s all about how you do it. first off before you apply any type of eye makeup you want to know the basics coming from a beginner myself its really helpful to cover your bases before you go and poke your eyes out.

first is they types of eye makeups out there: and remember to start with a base.

a base could be a neutral tone or and actual eyeshadow primer. but you can use regular face primer if you want.  the job of a primer or base is to allow you makeup to adhere to your face better as well as help the makeup last longer.

normally when starting out some people tend to use eyeliner which comes in 4 forms.

pencil, creme/gel,cake and liquid.

Pencil, in my opinion is the easiest to learn and is more forgiving.

khol is what the pencil is made of in a sense it usually tends to be easier to apply because it is smooth and it also easy to smoke out when creating a smokey eye.


(click to enlarge)

gel/creme liner comes in a pot and is applied with 3 different brushes depending on what look you are going for. you can use an angled eyeliner brush, flat liner brush, or a pointed liner brush

     flat eyeliner brush is very versatile. you can use it for tight-lining which is the process of lining your upper water liner. you can also use it for add a eyeshadow color over your eyeliner ( in the same color) to help set the gel/creme liner.
you can also use to apply the gel or creme liner

    angle eyeliner brush is best used for making cat eyeliner effects. which can be subtle or dramatic depending on how thick, or how long you apply the liner

if you simply want a thin line or a thin “flick” you can used a pointed eyeliner brush or a bent eyeliner brush.

   liquid eyeliner in my opinion is the hardest to apply it quick and very tedious but with practice it can be mastered liquid eyeliner by it self has about 2 different brushes which comes in various shapes and sizes. but the main ones you need to  know about is that liquid eyeliner comes with either a brush tip or a  felt tip ( like a marker)  once applied depending on what brand i either drys fast or slow so be warned.

cake liner : is simply a black eyeshadow that when applied gives the effect of liquid eyeliner and applied has same way as gel liner or a liquid liner.

Eyeshadow comes in different forms such as loose powder(usual comes in a separate container), pressed powder (like in and eyeshadow set) and creme

they have different finishes as well. matte and shimmer, they also comes in waterproof, and long lasting formulas

Powdered eye shadows can be applied in two different ways dry and wet. when the eyeshadow is dry you what you see but primer sometimes boosts the color of the eyeshadow. when you apply the eyeshadow wet it can intensify the color or make it shimmer more.


with powder eyeshadow you can apply with various brushes depending on how detailed you want to get with you eye makeup.

All over lid brush does exactly what it says you can apply the shadow all over the lid using that brush

crease brush can be used to add definition to the eye you can used this brush to apply a darker color to  the crease of your eyelid

blending brush allows you to blend eyeshadow colors all over your eyelid  allowing you to eliminate hard lines and such.

smudge brush smudges the eyeliner or eyeshadow giving a smokey sultry effect.

creme shadows you want to apply with your fingers, its simple as that.

since were are talking about eyes you cant talk about eyes without talking about your eyebrows.

eyebrows help shape the face so you want them to look together, so pluck,tweeze,and wax them if you dare. whether or not you wax or pluck that is your calling. but  if you want fuller brows or more defined brows you want to keep them groomed using  a brow brush, which looks like a mascara brush without mascara,  and angled brush with looks like an angled eyeliner brush, i believe the difference between and eyeliner and an angled brush is that the brow brush is stiffer. you use the mascara wand to comb your brows then the angled brush and apply brow powder to fill them in and what not.

so i hope that helps .


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