Makeup: Bursh edition

so  since the beginning of time, I’ve always been interested in the application of makeup. And since I’ve recently bought my own I’ve been OK at it. not going to say I’m a pro actually far from that, but after watching so man how to videos on makeup application there are so many ways.  so this is my way of making a type of universal order for makeup, starting from the basics.


Makeup Brushes: in the makeup world  there are makeup world, there are many brushes and they are used on different parts off the face some are used for details so on to the basics started with the brushes and how they are used:

Face: for the face you will / could use brushes to apply to various things such as foundation, setting powder, eyeshadow, glitter, concealer, lipstick, and more.

foundation brushes come in many forms. it could be a brush or a sponge or even your finger it just depends on what look you are looking for. The Beauty Department does a good job of explaining what each brush does.


Foundation {Cream}:
If you use a cream foundation, you’ll want a flat-headed slightly-slanted brush so it really presses the foundation into your skin as you swirl it all over, giving you a flawless airbrushed effect. Natural bristles are critical for building coverage without streaking.

Foundation {Liquid}:
You’ll want a synthetic, densely-packed flat but wide brush to effortlessly cover more space when you’re in a hurry in the mornings. Look for ones with nylon or Taklon bristles for the smoothest application. I’

Foundation {Smoothing + Blending}:
I know we’re all in a hurry in the mornings but I can’t tell you how critical it is to take 20 seconds with a clean natural bristle brush and smooth over your foundation before powdering to really blend it into your skin.

Foundation {Mineral Powder}:
This can be a synthetic or natural bristle powder brush, but look for one with a plump shape designed for the swirling motion we do when applying minerals.

Concealer {Undereye}:
I love a flat synthetic concealer brush for covering dark circles because you can really “lay down” the product by using the side of the brush. The other component to look for is a tapered edge because this helps you avoid clumping during application. The synthetic bristles will pick up less product so your coverage will last longer (the thicker you apply it, the more likely it will crease and cake).

Concealer {Blemishes}:
Look for a pointed and tapered concealer brush made of synthetic bristles so you can apply it precisely on top of any kind of blemish (pimple, scar, broken capillary, etc.) without touching the surrounding skin. Practice mini-swirling motions gently on top of the blemish then lightly blend the perimeters with your ring finger. For a quick refresher on covering a glaring pimple, click here and remember to always dab a little Egyptian Magic on it first so the concealer has something to adhere to, especially if the blemish is flaky or scabby.

Powder {T-Zone}:
Use an eyeshadow blending brush made with natural hair bristles as a powder brush just for the areas that tend to shine: between your brows, around and on the tip of your nose, your upper lip and your chin. This allows the rest of your face to glow and breathe.

And in a recent faze beauty the beauty blender:


   it  sponge that practically replaces the foundation brush and the concealer brush. and gives you a flawless application by allowing you to blend the foundation effortlessly but you have to wet it first. and in recent YouTube videos it seems smarter to put dots of foundation onto the face so that the sponge doesn’t adsorb the foundation



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