Makeup: Foundation Edition

In this installment i felt i should go over the different types of foundation since in the previous installment i went over foundation brushes. So lets get started.  Foundation comes in many forms nowadays when i was younger i used to only see two types of foundation Liquid and Powder. but now i guess with the with the advancement in the cosmetic industry foundation takes on different forms. It also comes in different “finishes” or end results and coverage, how much the foundation covers. explains it well.


Natural:  well this is the most common and most sought after finish. Many people find that if they want to wear makeup they would opt for natural.  I can imagine you don’t want to look like your wearing makeup you want to appear more beautiful than you already are =)

Matte: if you went to an art school or have art experience when you hear the word matte it could have many meanings such as when you matte something or have a “matte” color. Matte simply means Flat. there is no shine or gloss, but you can always add definition when you “contour”

Dewy: Similar to satin and Luminous but more natural, it gives a more “youthful” or summer glow

This pic was from:

Luminous:   think light, your face shines, but not in the oily way.

Picture was from:

Satin:  similar to Luminous with the exception its not shiny, it but it gives a nice sheen to your face.


Sheer: sheer coverage is very light it doesn’t cover much it’s very light,transparent  and simply might even out the skin tone.

Medium: gives you cover maybe blurring some mark or “imperfections” but not fully covering anything you could touch up with

concealer and you good to go.

Full: the name says it all. its full coverage it covers everything and concealer is probably not needed at all. it very heavy but some formulas are light while still covering “imperfections”



Liquid Foundation: typically comes in a jar, type container and be poured or pumped out.  and can be applied with a foundation brush or  a sponge brush.  and depending on what coverage you get it can be build-able/ layer-able


Liquid powder

Powder:  this type of foundation now comes in 3 forms.  Lose, Compact, and now  liquid-powder. it gives a soft natural finish and can be used to set a liquid foundation to keep it in place.  the only time you wouldn’t use a powder to set a foundation is if it’s the new version liquid to powder.

  •      Mineral: is a type of foundation it still comes in a powder it simply and organic foundation if you are allergic or have a reaction to certain items found in regular/ general foundation.


Liquid to powder
picture from:

Compact powder:

Cream: this foundation type is very bendable and is sometimes comes in a pot or stick. and is labeled moose, whipped. this particular foundation is probably best when applied with the fingers.



now the reason i called this other because i don’t really now how to explain this but foundation the gives you an “air burshed” look like Air foam,  by Maybelline, now when you hear Air brush think magazine covers, or the way the make up is applied.  so i am going to quickly explain what air brush application is to the best of my ability. The Air brush is a technique where one applies makeup with  a machine that “evenly” applies makeup to the face.  it suppose to give a natural look with out applying heavy makeup.

but if i couldn’t really explain it. ( again not a pro) here a  link to wiki:

picture from: –







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