Finally Made it College

so I finally made it college and its coming up to the final days of freshmen orientation. yesterday I took a tour of town yesterday I t was pretty nice I could walk to the nearest Walgreens so that’s nice. I also met my roommate. and a few friends I am still getting used to the whole brunch Idea, also the idea that my classes don’t start till 9 which is weird. I am used to getting to class for 7 or 7:30 the lasts 8 never 9. but I will just have to adjust. last night the orientation leaders but on a light hearted play about college which gave you and overview of the school, very to the point then there was a play about rape, very informative but I wish they did it before the orientation leaders play it so wouldn’t make everything awkward. but that is just my opinion


The countdown Continues

… is the last day.. last day I will be home in my own bed where I know who’s been on it. it was nice having my own room for like 4 months. not really looking forward to sharing a room again… but we shall see. already said some of my goodbyes. I wont lie and say I am not sad but I am more annoyed some people say bye like I am going to never come back (eventually I wont ) but it’s not like I am dying or something, damn! regardless just gotta get my outfit together pack everything in the car and clean my room and I should be all set. hopefully I don’t forget anything because that would be a nightmare. as the day whines down to hours then minutes to seconds. I think of all the advice people give to me: study, have fun, don’t have fun I am paying for you to study, don’t have sex, study, study, don’t make me come get you, make some friends, study, study, don’t be a loner.
and am just giving you the sweet to the point watered down version, I was given at least 5 lectures about college this week alone and last week. … I mean I still feel like I am the one going to the slaughter house I am the first of my average friends to go. ( I had one friend to actually go first… she skipped a grade… nerd!) but I am the first I feel I am the experiment. but ill show them… ill show them all… I be …AWESOME! victory shall be mine!. hopefully my roommate isn’t crazy and the elevator works again.

The Count down Continues: 2 Days left

only 2 days left and I was already notified about a broken elevator in my dorm… nice… not like my room is on the 5th floor. good thing I’m sort of in shape. probably kick my ass since I wasn’t active this summer. ugh…man. thankfully my room isn’t on the 8th floor. but then again they get 2 days to move in. Tuesday and Wednesday. regardless of the elevator issues…why cant more things be portable! this would make everything sooo much easier. my mother really needs to stop adding stuff to my large pile of stuff I have to manage upstairs and partial use of 1 elevator for the building I am rooming in which also happens to house the bulk of the students on campus… -_- geez

The Count down beings: 4 more days

only few more days left, which leaves 1 day for last minute shopping and for filling out prescriptions and last minute packing.  also a couple hours for  , texting ,Skyping , tumblr-ing , instagram-ing , tweeting , and  I.M-ing , my friends to say “ta ta…for now”

why aren’t more thing portable. like seriously where and am I going to put a suite case and all theses bins, and what not. I don’t need bed raiser because I’m short and I doubt the closet will hold them all… anyone have any creative idea on how to use storage bins in a dorm?

The count down begins

there is about 5 days left before I go of to college, I am very nervous not sure how I feel about sharing a bathroom with multiple people plus I’m still unaware as to where my classes are. I hope none of them are off the main campus yet. I am so not ready for that. also I am still packing…like what the hell. so much stuff and I keep forgetting stuff. there has to be an easier way to pack and keep track of everything one packs to go away to college. plus earlier today I “fix” a bag that I really wanted to keep and didn’t want to pay to fix the zipper. but ill upload the pictures later.
i really wish i took a before picture.

Sims 3 Find

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