Transiting & Reviews

So, recently my mother bought me some of doctor miracles  hair products.  2 hair moisturizers and 2 packets of deep conditioner.

she got me:

Dr.Miracles Follicle healer. and Dr. Miracle’s Anti-Breakage strengthening creme

I’ve tried it both. and it’s only been a day.  and my hair feels very nice, and probably healthy . they both have a stimulating factor and after you message it in you feel like a cool tingling sensation.which is pretty cool.


Now for my review on the Flat iron i recently purchased

the Mia mini professional flat iron (1/2 inch)  which I tried on my sisters hair. my sister hair shoulder length hair very full even with a perm in it.

the flat iron did a really good job. it heated up really quickly. and stayed hot and didn’t seem to waver. it did the job very well. i mean it took along time since it was a half inch.  if they made a bigger size that would be cool.i still have to try it on myself.  but that will come later.

but all and all  the flat iron is really really good.


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