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today we being the blog. starting with past adventures and working forward. today update… after school talking about the blog, prom and hot guys… 😀  so… these  post aren’t in order anymore.


this pictures… only shows two of us at the moment but what ever. they had and altercation… perfect time to take random photos.

Past adventures with Chriss and  Lex

Senior trip:

super fun and exciting even through the ups and down, from the sledding to sharing a bed in the room. senior trip was exciting.  even the bus ride.. though we all fell asleep on the way back. I mean Chriss differently was a changed person after the extreme sledding. especially after the many many wipe-outs. so many wipe outs.. >.<

Lex’s Birthday:  Fun time all around went to Wendy’s and saw Jack the Giant slayer. and everyone was iffy about that movie but after the movie… MIND BLOWN.  best time ever! i would love to do it again.

Wednesday on 14th street:

so after eating at Wendy’s Chirss and i as well as a another friend.. go to Forever 21. and this dude… is standing there with his sign…

so Balls-y Bold..and somewhats weird… this is something you don’t see everyday…

signed, LEX


Today we went in to Manhattan got a free makeup lesson from Bobbi brown then went to Jacks After we went into the mall and I found Chris perfect prom dress yay!


so i just bought  my first pair of false lashes from  E.l.F from target. Only 1.09 ( 9cent tax)  but yeah..


I also bought my first eye lash curler also 1.09  it black and sliver and comes with a spear eyelash cushion thingy.

its seems very strong and curls my lashes fine. it makes both my lashes eye even since my right ones are longer than my left. not sure why though. e.e but yeah

Pros: its only 1.00 =)

its really good just like the pricy ones.

cons: i wish it was bit smaller since my eyes are small so it is a tad bit uncomfortable but other wise its a good deal if your looking for a lash curler so I’m getting all the things i need for prom so expect more posts.

Adventures with friends:

SO today, Lex and I went shopping for prom dresses. Or rather, Lex was assisting me in picking something out. For the third time. Or was it the fourth? Bottom line, we have been all over the city looking for something good that would fit me. I’m not gonna lie. I have huge boobs. Like, to the point where they’re a problem. NOTHING FITS ME ‘CASUE IT DOESN’T FIT OVER MY ABNORMAL SIZED CHEST.

So we’re in Loeman’s or something, and we find a dress to try on, just to check the size (which turned out to be too small). The clerk points us to the fitting room. An open fitting room. I walk in like, ‘this is a fitting room? Where are the stalls and stuff?’ Till this lady takes off her shirt. And reveals she decided to go commando today. Lex was trying not to stare and I was all –> O-O OPEN FITTING ROOM.

Buuuuut eventually we found the dress in Burlington. Except the line (the ONLY line, mind you) was as long as a line at an amusement park that only had one bathroom that was unisex. I mean, COME ON, I didn’t even know it was possible for lines to be that long! And I have linephobia (fear of standing in long lines. Like, dead ass, I start hyper ventilating and shit.) Somehow we got through THAT (Lex talked to me which kept me distracted and there was this old lady…don’t wanna go into it.) took a pitstop in McDonald’s and called it a day.

We almost got hit by a car on the way there, and on the way back some fight started in the street. Of downtown Manhattan. Yeah, we didn’t have some happy drivers. Lex pushed me to the subway where we waited for an F. We got a corner 2-seater when some old guy walked onto the train. I was debating whether to give up my seat or not when the strangest thing happened. I saw him fall in my head. I could literally see it happening. I thought I should say something but I knew Lex would have given me that look (–> O.o) so I kept my mouth shut. And guess what? He started to fall when the train started moving. We were all ‘whoa! You okay? You should sit’ but the old guy was all ‘no, I’m fine. Just gotta get over there’. Yeah, I don’t get old people either.


….yeah everything else:

Makeup installment 3.5

Posted on May 15, 2013


I exchanged the Jordana Double Impact 06 for the Duet 11 and I used the red to mix with my gold from forever 21 Neutral palette  to create  a rose-gold color. I bought the new Wet n Wild  ” Take the day” eyeshadow primer from the Fergie Center stage collection, it comes out with as beige or a nude color  even though the color on the website it says it ‘s white…  and the packet says beige unless its the color of my computer monitor…  It’s every important to use it sparingly because too much and it does crease and get very smudgy and then there is no real point in using it in the first place.

2013-05-14_20.17.16 2013-05-14_21.01.59 2013-05-14_21.02.51

Anyway I tried it without eyeshadow and it  my oily lids pretty matte. so it did a very nice job. it goes on beige and dries clear. I would say that instead of paying $5.oo and change for it i would wait for it to go on sale.  mainly because even though it’s a good primer ( i later tried it with eyeshadow)  it’s going  to last you a while but  $5.00 is a bit pricy.. i would be more willing to pay $3.oo just my opinion

but Y.A.Y and inexpensive eyelid primer other than E.L.F. ( I’ve never found elf in a Walgreen’s yet)

As for the head band …i ordered it on eBay. and yes… i got free shipping. >=)

Makeup installment 3

Posted on May 12, 2013


I finally got it! i got the cover girl 3 in 1 foundation. i got it “tawny” and it cost about $10.00 with my Walgreen card i applied it and it looks so natural. i think on Monday I’m going to give it an all day test drive. i also bought blush by Wet n Wild, in “Pearlesecnt Pink ” which gives me a natural flush  tone to my cheeks and it is layer-able.  And a Jordana duo eyeshadow 06  Double Impact which I am going to take back because the light color isn’t very flattering it looking pinkish and  but it comes out with sliver color which I strongly dislike.  but the dark purple color is very flattering  very pigmented, I tried blending the colors on my  hand and eye to see it would come out better… it didn’t work. at. all it was just horrible.


Shopping Haul.

Posted on May 12, 2013


wow I am tired… Today I went shopping with my mother… I spent about $70-$80 :(

I normally don’t even break $5.00 I mean at the moment my mother pays my bill… (which is well over 100… stupid college shopping) but its a learning experience… still not used to the idea of a credit card… ANYWAY I have about 3 hauls for you . Two are way over due and I’ve always wanted to do, but was too lazy and one is actually form today… Back to my shopping trip,outside was a mess, went to the mall and the stop lights weren’t working… talk about traffic. and the puddles… and the rain… the crowds of people looking for Mothers day gifts… ( B.T.W Happy Mothers Day) today was a day to sleep  in -_-.  Anyway first… my eBay haul… eBay.. the best thing that’s ever happened to me…especially when i get free shipping… =) something I look for no matter what! my very first eBay items were a bag and an mp3 player. It was about $10.00 free shipping. I love it.. you can see the wear and tear. I had for about a year now. =) it is so cute.

Along with that I bought this:


it’s a   Cowon C2  in pink it was $130 free shipping the case was $11 free shipping

yes it did come with head phones very nice ones in fact. I cant find them … at the moment …

I know never heard of it… it an MP3 player. I didn’t want and iPod and Zune ended and the one I had died. so I went to find another, I found this and fell in love with it plus no one in my school has one so.. yeah =)

it has  55 hrs. of battery life (songs) or 10 hrs. of Videos.

the sound quality is Amazing!

expandable memory. Mine is  4 GB .. I know small right but at the time I wasn’t a music junkie. so it suited me but I now have a 16 GB SD card in it. so I’m OK

specs and other info here:

the one I really want now because it sleeker and looks really cool. is the  cowon Z2

it’s far more advanced  >.<… so pretty.. o.o

that was my first eBay purchase.

My second buy from eBay was more fashionable and it was my X-mas present from my mother and her friend.


the necklace was  .99 cents

eyeliner was .99 cents

the long one ear earring was $1.99

the earrings were .99 cents but shipping because of the material they were made from was 1.30cents

later I bought this dress for $15.00

I recently bought a  cute wallet  for 6.99 free shipping and I’m waiting for a head band that I bought for prom which was  3.99 free shipping.


this pic doesn’t do it justice. it really a cool mint blue color

Now for the actual physical shopping spree.

first stop was.. In the mall my mother was looking for pants i was looking for a strapless bra. but ended up in Sephora  looking for a blush color a lip color found  a blush color but it was to sparkly . and even though I washed my hand i am still sparkly.. -_-

OH first time ever in a Victoria secret… man there expensive. … they didn’t even carry my size.. I went to  Bed bath and beyond.. they were having a sale.  still spent a lot of money but i got my favorite scent. though I have to say.. I like the original one better the sent is stronger (in a good way)  anyway it was buy 2 get 1 free or buy 3 get 2 free..

I like the original packaging better… but whatever i got what i wanted.. plus a bonus one



then I went to ULT A to get a set of makeup but ended only buying lipstick, i wanted to get the cover girl 3 in one foundation but they did not have my color. I bought the L’Oreal pairs Colour Riche  444 Tropical Coral


it looks very natural on me. but it kinda has a pop but not like HEY you it’s like hey.   it was a little over $7 … -_- Ima find a cheaper version I know..I know cheaper isn’t better but.. i like keeping money in my pocket.

I also bought this cute dress from JCP… where in JCP you might ask… brace your self for the answer… in the kids section. yes world i am that small. I am a large in kids. and no the dress isn’t short or anything it actually like at my knees. so yeah. :/


i could totally pair this with a red belt or red heels and rock this :D i will be posting a better pic.

As for my mission to find a bra. i found one at Century 21.

dangerous lipstick and lashes

Posted on May 9, 2013


So I’m watching the  news ( my 9) and there was a segment on eyelash extension  are Harmful to the eyes, they trap dirt and collect bacteria and can cause allergic reaction. and the glue use already can cause allergic reactions. and that you should use mascara and remember to replace it every few months.

Well… I think that all that might be true but… why not just use false eyelashes not a frequently. and replace them  after a certain amount of uses? like give it an “expiration date”

does your lipstick contain… lead?  aluminum? well i don’t know  i don’t read the ingredients…  and yeah.  a test was conducted on 32 lipsticks from the department store… and they found some metals which  can raise health risk.  >.> what the hell!

here the link to the lipstick article:

link to  eyelashes:


video :


what is your opinion?

Makeup Tutorial

Posted on May 7, 2013


This is Not  makeup tutorial. not up for an actual video picture tutorial. But if i ever were to make a  video makeup tutorial i would do it in this style. for I am a visual learning I need to watch ( non creeper like though) and then practice and correct as I go along.  I just like they way Get it Beauty does their tutorial. The format is very easy to follow I mean besides the fact that it is in Korean. Of course it would be in English, only language I know… I’m learning french but.. its not coming along well. But today is almost over and so is High school probably have better luck in college.  Anyway here is a video of what I’m talking about.  comment below.. tell me what you think.



this is really long over due but i went to prom and it was awesome.  yay class of 2013 finally made and with graduation tomorrow i decide that i might as well get this mini upload out the way before it forget it forever. but prom was  amazing, lots of  fun and i got to dance with my friends. everyone looked so fabulous in their dresses  and suites. i did my own makeup of course.


for my prom look inspired by the roaring 20′s. It consist of a dress i ordered on Ebay for $100.00

the head band was also ordered from Ebay.

the earring are from Payless they are by Brash: $9.99

the bag was $11.00

lashes was $2.99 Duane read

foundation was Covergirl, eyeshadow was a mix. and as always eyeliner ^ ^

the dress is really a pastel peach but the flash make it look white. -_-

yeah… im still finding my “good”side. I don’t take “selfy-es” much.

DSC00348 DSC00352 DSC00353 DSC00357 DSC00376 DSC00378 DSC00380 DSC00385 DSC00369



then there was the senior luncheon . the food was okay … i still didn’t get everyone to sign my yearbook… more on the last day of school

2013-06-21_10.49.34        2013-06-21_13.30.47


Posted on July 9, 2013


E.L.F is having a sale on but there’s a catch which i hate.  you have to buy at least 25$ in product. but you get a free palette with 85 colors… ^ ^ but it ends tonight

on another note. I am merging this blog with my other blog to create one blog. so that way I don’t have to go back and fourth between blogs. but i intend to keep everything more up to date.

College orientation part 1

Posted on June 30, 2013 was registration day. And I’m at the college and I’m doing pretty good…free food..pens…bags I just 2 things left to fill out…And then while waiting for my mother  I start to look around… It is starting to hit me that…omg I’m going to college…it hits me more when I realize the left over tuition is still pretty steep. Regardless…I’m looking around at my future class mates and everyone one looks like they belong they have that stereotypical high schooler look. For girls everyone is reasonably fashionable wearing short shorts. Tanks long hair. And they have young high school matured faces..And me? Laid back still haven’t grown since 8th grade..hell I look like I should be on the 8th grade. That’s a bit much but I look like I’m in the wrong grad year if that makes any sense. I  look like I should still be in high school. Like sophomore status… What’s wrong with me!?! I wonder to myself…I look so out of place… I know looking young is a gift and a curse but when your mother says things like “what do you mean “grow” you mean grow old” right or “Everyone thinks your sister is older” I want to flip a table… That maybe be dramatic but it’s to often she says that… e.e I’m not sure what to do..I’ve been burying this feeling for a while and I want to get over it. Yeah yeah I laugh at my sister when that happens and say you look old do I get over looking the youngest even though I’m the oldest?

Summer sale

Posted on June 28, 2013


So I actually left the house today. Had To take my grandmother shopping…Man do I need stronger sunscreen.  Or a bad ass sunbrella (see what i did there :D ) Got a slight tan… e.e…ugh. Anyway here is who I feel is having a sale that’s worth checking out:
Strawberry : cute bags and sale on certain undies and clothes.
Claires : jewelry sale 10 for 10
Rainbow cute clothes depending on what it is it’s probably cheaper than strawberry.
Marshals: has a sale on juniors and depending on what marshals you go to a pretty sweet shoes clearance.
Payless: bogo some really cute my moments shoes with a sexy heels are on sale 20$
Fabco shoes(I  think that’s the name they have a Bogo sale everyday)

That’s all I remember atm I’ll post more when I do or if I go out again.
Shopping makeup:  eyeliner eyelid primer and foundation with spf 20.


Posted on June 27, 2013


just went to CVS and saw bright stickers every where. turns out there is a sale. well a final sale…I’m not sure if it in all CVS but it was my local CVS on only select items. 2013-06-27_19.10.27

I got 2 nail polishes for 99cents each. I wonder when the nail polish company will make nail polish that  smell sweet instead of harsh. it would benefit all the nail polish enthusiast and nail salon people…no longer would they have to wear masks! no longer will husbands threaten to jump out the window when you apply nail polish.

Also there is a sale at piper lime..e.e I.think that’s the name . But they is a sale on select items up to 65% off


Class if 2013

Posted on June 25, 2013


Yay the school year has come to an end sort of(last day of school is Wednesday) but finally made it  :T I survived high school

Forever 21

Posted on June 24, 2013


before I start, they are having a semi-annual underwear sale. also some of their cosmetics are on sale. I recently bought 2 nail polishes for 99 cents each. ( only on certain colors) and i got an eyeshadow makeup set for 10.98 and that is when I realized the colors are to light but no returns on sale items so i am going to  have to find a way to brighten the colors or something. and they are still light even with primer. but the set it still cool and some of the colors like the blue are well pigmented.



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